A Vacuum Chuck is a very convient way to complete the bottom of a bowl.  Depending on the vacuum pump you use the force pressing the bowl to the chuck can be tremendous to the point of imploding your bowl.  My vacuum pump is a rotary vane pump typically used in the refrigeration industry for evacuating a system prior to charging with refrigerant, It is capable of pulling a very high vacuum depending on the chuck and the porosity of the wood attached to it.

I needed a way to consolidate the various piieces and parts of my system to provide a more elegant way to store and use my vacuum chuck,

The photos below show how I achieved this.

Vacuum Gear before

Vacuum gear storred in a nice clean mobile box

Lower section- Stores pump, hose, adapter, chuck. Note- the 4 inch pvc is packed with paper towels and activated charcoal to capture the oil mist the pump exhaust produces and is open on top.

The chuck is made from sched 40 aluminum pipe and a block of aluminum, all machined on my woodlathe with high speed steel tools, The gasket is 3 mm foamies available at Michaels crafts..

Hose attached to quick connect at pump

And it all stores away neatly next to my lathe

The top portion contains the piping, guage, quick connect and vacuum level adjustment. Note- the 3/4 inch pvc is packed with steel wool, this prevents sawdust from entering the pump.

The vacuum adapter mounts through the head stock and allows the vacuum hose to spin freely with the lathe spindle.

Hose attached to vacuum adaptor at head stock

Bowl alligned using tailstock