10 inch contractor tablesaw with stock fence and incra miter guage

6 inch jointer

13 inch thickness planer

When asked what tools a person should buy for starting a hobby in woodworking, the typical reply is "buy the tools for the project you want to build" typically a circular saw,  battery drill, sander and jig saw.

My opinion is buy a tablesaw, jointer and thickness  planer. This will open up the possibility of using a lot of differant choices in hard wood typically sold as rough saw.  With these three tools you can mill roughsawn to a fine S4S and save a lot of money to buy the next tool, a battery driil, impact driver or a bandsaw or drillpress, followed by of course more clamps.

Lumber sold athe big box stores is very expensive once you get away from the two by stock.

Bench made from construction lumber 2 x 4's and 2 x 6's Solid as a rock. 28" x 80"