My lathe- Jet 1642 1 1/2 hp is a great lathe, I purchased this while saving my pennies for a powermatic. I was in a woodwork supply store and this lathe was on sale for much less than a powermatic and on a whim I ordered one, I have never regretted this decision as this lathe does all I ask of it.  If you have ever wrangled a 16 inch green turning blank onto a spindle, you no doubt understand the need for a lift to mount anything larger.

This the wall above my lathe where I store my chucks- 5 supernova II-with various jaws as well as my chuck keys, wrenches and other assecories used in woodturning.

My turning tool carousel-very handy

My 8 inch grinder with oneway wolverine jig

8 inch bufffing wheel