Wayne's World Of Woodworking

My Shop

Although it may appear very jumbled and cluttered, I assure you it is well organized and clean. My philosophy for a small shop is to be clean and organized.  Without organization, production would be very frustrating, hunting and searching every time you need a tool.

My key to shop organization is drawers, shallow, labeled drawers. Tools must be returned to their assigned location, before, during and after every project.

Cleanup before, during and after every project is also a must. Tool walls are handy as well I just don't have the wall-space for such a luxury.

Some of my toolboxes, drawers and labels.

I am primarily a power tool woodworker. Hand tools are fine if that's your thing,  I do have a small collection of handplanes because I enjoy the restoration process, as well as the fact they are so, plentiful, and affordable.

My shop has all the tools a woodworker could desire in a small shop.

When  I think about my stationary power tools, the only one I am missing is a scroll saw which I had, but gave away to make room for a Ridgid oscillating spindle sander.

The tailed power tools are similar. Battery tools are limited to drills, impact drivers and 1- sawzall. 

Wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers etc. are plentiful as well. Keep in mind this is the culmination of 16 years of buying new, used, auctions, woodworking shows, and yard sales.